Best Practices in Open Access Journal Publishing

A fictitious dean at a fictitious Library School, Worthington University, wants to start an open access journal that features student and faculty scholarship. The International LIS Student Journal will be peer-reviewed and will publish content and data sets in the areas of knowledge organization and linked data.

To prepare for this scholarly endeavor, I researched open access journal publishing models and management systems, including open source and commercial systems. The result is a report that details the features under consideration, and recommends a particular system based on the needs, resources, and limitations of the university.

While this report was primarily written and researched by me, my classmate, Vicky Ludas Orlofsky, was instrumental in its creation. Vicky brainstormed ideas with me, shared relevant resources as she researched her own topic of institutional repositories, and was a tremendous editor. 

Note: the featured image for this entry, the orange lock, is the unofficial symbol for Open Access. The logo was designed by PLoS, modified by Wikipedia users Nina, Beao, and JakobVoss ( [CC0], and downloaded via Wikimedia Commons.


About Gina Shelton

I am a Reference Clerk at the Pratt Institute Libraries' Brooklyn campus and am currently working on my MSLIS.
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