The Flipped Classroom Model in Academic Libraries

Academic instruction librarians are met with a challenge: teach students how to navigate the library and its resources AND be information literate citizens, all in a 45-90 minute session. So how can we make the most of that time? Through the Flipped Classroom Model. This pedagogical model asks students to prepare for the session ahead of time by engaging in material, like videos. By introducing concepts prior to class, students can apply that knowledge during interactive in-session activities.

The library at Stevens Institute of Technology was interested in applying this model to their instruction sessions. Myself and my teammates, Ellie Horowitz and Alicia Navarro, were asked to work with Stevens to develop a brief video to be used in instruction sessions with freshmen writing classes. The video we developed introduces the steps of the research process to viewers.

My primary role in making this video was the content and script, as well as recording the audio. Ellie went on to work with Stevens after our course ended to further develop the video into three short modules. These videos are now used with library instruction sessions and integrated into a resource guide.

In addition to this video, Ellie, Alicia and I developed a 60 min. lesson plan in which we utilized the flipped classroom model. Students would watch the brief video before attending a library instruction session. During the session, the students would develop a familiarity with the research process and with advanced search operators. Then they would practice their research skills to search effectively within Academic Search Premier (EBSCO). We included an assessment piece using Google Spreadsheets, modeled after one by Shannon Simpson.

This project was selected for and presented at the 2013 SILS Showcase. Projects presented at the Showcase can be viewed at Research @ Pratt SILS.


About Gina Shelton

I am a Reference Clerk at the Pratt Institute Libraries' Brooklyn campus and am currently working on my MSLIS.
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