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While enrolled in Information Technologies I learned basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and was introduced to JSON, APIs, and relational databases. I applied these skills and knowledge to design and code a simple website, from scratch, for my final project. The theme of the website is “Literary NYC”, an aggregated and searchable list of books set in New York City. After considering the purpose, content, audience, and functionality of the site, I sketched wireframes that inspired the design and layout.


I created a relational database using Excel that contains all the main bibliographic data I thought users would want to know and search for (like title, author, genre, publisher and audience). I also included a field for WorldCat links so users could find a book in a nearby library.

As for the design of the site, I used HTML and CSS to code four pages: Home, About, Search and Suggest. The Suggest page, which invites users to suggest books for inclusion on the site, utilizes an HTML form and JavaScript to append content to the bottom of the Suggest page. Ideally the code would either transmit the data via email or directly to a database. The Search page also utilizes an HTML form and JavaScript but also a little JSON code and an API, written by my professor. From this page users can search for content in my relational database, and turn out results for books based on title, author, genre, and audience.


While this site is not hosted online, you can download the .zip file here if you’d like to see the code. Please note that the search feature no longer works, as the API written for the website was only available at the time of the assignment.


About Gina Shelton

I am a Reference Clerk at the Pratt Institute Libraries' Brooklyn campus and am currently working on my MSLIS.
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